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„I show my scars so that others know they can heal“

From a very young age, I was always interested to learn more about the soul journey of the people that I crossed paths with.

Without asking much it always seemed they felt safe to share their wounds and stories.

 In my early teens I lost my older brother, he was 18 I was 14 . I call this traumatic event, the rebirth of my soul and turning point to my awakening and remembering who I really was.


Throughout the years I studied holistic health and healing and started to dive deeper into the holistic world after moving to New York City, where I  helped building a health and wellness brand. I was able to meet the most wonderful souls, healers, doctors, shamans and teachers around the world through my work. Meeting and connecting with them inspired me and helped me remember that this is the path I have to walk on; To help people reconnect to their heart and the power that lies within us. To assist in rewiering  subconscious limiting beliefs and teach about the beauty of connection to ourselves, nature and its unlimited possibilities and wisdom . 


I first started off as a holistic health, wellness and food coach, which is my big passion as I strongly believe that wellbeing is a combination of mind, body, soul.

Listening and learning, taking courses and self development workshops I started realising that I do not practice what I teach and that my biggest potential is not unlocked yet, because of the shadows I didnt  face then and that were holding me back. 


My biggest shadow, the one of not loving myself enough and thinking I`m not enough was reflected in one of the hardest lessons I had to face - my marriage to a narcissist. He was a great showman knowing how to manipulate people with low self love and boundaries. I didn't realise for a long time in what I manoeuvred myself into until it got to a point where I got physically ill, had a cyst the size of a tennis ball in my uterus and just couldn’t endure the mental abuse and cheating that I allowed to happen anymore. I started to wake up and realize that it`s my responsibilty to practice what I teach, to stand up for myself and look deep into my soul to  face my shadows that in fact co-created this reality. 


I started to work with a coach and a wonderful teacher and medicine woman, that both helped me look deeper into the reason why I attracted this relationship. I dove deep into my believe systems and the reason I attracted energy vampires and takers into my life. Getting out of victim mentality, taking responsibility and my power back. And ultimately starting to transform my shadows into my biggest gifts- shedding layers after layers, until I was coming back to who I really am, my raw essence.

I started transforming being an empath into my superpower, I set healthy boundaries, let go of all people that matched the outdated version of me and started unlocking more and more of my true potential.


I discovered that my open heart, all this love and motherly energy I carry inside me,  is my gift and one of the most transformational energies existing if only I keep setting healthy boundaries and practice self love so my vibration will never invite energy vampires again. 

It is my biggest skill, to transform shadows into light, fear into love, wounded hearts into powerful portals and make everything I come in touch with more beautiful. 

To see the true essence of people and assist in reconnecting to it.

I love to work and co create with mother nature, plants and animals, seeing their essence as a gift to us and transform it into something healing and beautiful for the soul. My dream is a property with land and animals like goats and chickens and a veggie garden all powered by nature-and renewable energy. A place to co create and invite people to come experience the road to reconnection and to live out my passion of cooking healthy foods, music, dancing and gathering like minded souls to raise consciousness, share and exchange knowledge.  

My path is being an advocate and guide for empaths, shadow work, healthy empowerment and reconnection to power of the heart-love.

With my products I turn plants and flowers into beautiful health remedies and all natural skin care using the power of nature and the law of quantum physics, like the golden ratio or solfeggio frequencies to activate and super charge all products, 


I believe we are students for life and there is always something magical to discover and learn about. The universe is providing us with unlimited knowledge and possibilities. 

There is so much more to life that can be seen with our eyes. And once we worked through our shadows and start to reconnect, and allow ourselves to be who we really are, stop being a puppet to the programming we are exposed to-this world of love and limitless potential opens up. You experience the power of manifestation, make soul connections with the most wonderful souls on the sam path and you experience unconditional love,  joy and this sense of belonging to something bigger. Because we all do. 

I believe it’s essential to never stop expanding and investing in personal development, wellbeing and reconnection, in order to enjoy a life full of joy, gratitude, peace and satisfaction. It’s this belief that guides my approach in everything that I do- with my secret ingredient. love


It fills my heart with so much love and joy to have the ability to change and impact lives in a healthy, magical way. 

I would love to be that for you, if you feel called to start walking the path of reconnection and awakening, I would be honoured to be your guiding light. 


Jeannine Rose 

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