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ancient wisdom, quantum technology & biofrequencies

«For love is the beauty of one's soul. »

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Emerge in Universal Energy

Offerings to raise your frequency and energize

Frequency & Plant Alchemy, Biogeometry & Biohacking

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1:1 Sessions, Retreats, Workshops

Tap into your full potential. 

Open your heart and rise in love. 

Shine in your most authentic light



Connection, harmony and love. A state of being, a frequency where our full potential, manifesting as peace and fulfillment, is found. 


We are Vibrational Beings with a unique personal frequency, that is influenced by our thoughts, emotions and everything around us that entertains us. Over the course of our life and through our upbringing, many of us disconnect from our true essence, our high vibrational freuqency and the wisdom of the natural and multi dimensional world . We begin to live an outward-focused life, detached from the inner human architecture divinely put in place to guide our lives with flow and ease.  The traumas and experiences we go through shape us and form our behavioral patterns and beliefs, both healthy and unhealthy. These unhealthy patterns and conditioning affect our frequency and therefore our energy and all of our choices: from life partners, friends, jobs, the food we eat, how we talk to ourselves, treat others, the products we use and how we experience and create our reality.

Unfortunately modern civilization is built on the concept of separation and disconnection. We go to school, we hussle through life to pay our bills, gain materialistic things, pollute our environment and our bodies; consequently we mostly live in disharmony with our desires and soul’s path. We lost connection to ancient wisdom and the power we carry within us. We search for love acceptance and connection in all things outside of us instead of making  the conscious decision to wake up, look behind the veil and start experiencing life as it actually is and truly embrace our human experience. When we discover that all the love and skills we need are within us, everything changes.

​This means connecting to our heart, the most powerful organ we have. It is the gateway to higher consciousness and frequencies. The more we expand our electromagnetic field created with our heart, the more our frequency rises and the more positive energy we create: allowing us to get in tune with ourselves and get into a state of flow and harmony. We then begin to live life without self-imposed limitations. We love and accept ourselves however we are.  We allow ourselves to be happy.  We are no longer ashamed. We feel good in our skin.  We practice self-care, setting healthy boundaries to protect our inner peace.  Most of all, we honor our interconnectedness with nature and through this harness the deep and timeless ancient wisdom and power of love, creativity and unity consciousness lying dormant in our DNA. Ultimately our nervous system relaxes more and more, we get out of fight or flight mode and are able to handle situations and life in a more evolved, calm and peaceful way. We start to truly live and embrace our human experience.

Doing this is one of the most simple yet challenging things to undertake.​

We can accomplish this by constantly expanding our consciousness and connection to the infinite source of divine intelligence. The more we unlearn false programming and codependency, we wake up to the reality of how others profit from us living unhealthy, disconnected lives. When we see this clearly, we begin to make better choices for ourselves, others and our planet. Our consciousness and choices affect everyone and everything else.

The beauty of life is, that every day we have a chance to choose to live in love. To hit the reset button and rewire to change our reality and raise our frequency. 

My aspiration is that, by radiating the love I have to give, constantly working on raising my own frequency and sharing my learnings and vision of a conscious, more loving and beautiful life, I can support you to connecting and opening your heart and fully embrace your human experience without limitations-creating a harmonious,  deeply connected, peaceful balanced high vibrational life. I dedicate my life to be in service of love and reconnection to higher consciousness for humanity and I truly hope we can raise our frequency one heart at the time to elevate the collective frequency of this planet. I feel deeply honoured to be a guiding light where it is needed and assist in rediscovering your own power to step into the highest vibrating version of yourself. 

Every offering, every product every letter I choose to materialize in this 3D realm is meant to raise your frequency and help all of us to live a more conscious and connected life full of magic and beauty.

Doing so I utilise the power of nature combined with sacred geometry, quantum technology and various frequencies, especially 528 hz the frequency of love. I truly believe and experience that raising and maintaining a high frequency is greatly influenced by all the choices we make wether what we put in and outside our body.


The love and intention you choose to put in every single thing you say or do has a big impact on you and the rest of the world. Your frequency matters.

I hope my offerings help, bring out the most beautiful high vibrational version of you.  The version that radiates pure, divine love.  The version that already exists inside of you, waiting to be revealed. 

As within so without, as above so below

Together we rise.



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