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We need a genuine revolution of love and connectedness

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

It’s time to strip away illusion, and waking-up to exactly who, where and what one is. Freedom from identification with the limited self; freedom from our conditioning, freedom from suffering.

It is time for greater interconnection, love, and expansion into higher levels of self or soul. It is time we believe, that there is a higher universal energy everyone can connect to and that guides us. What you think of as “other” becomes integrated into you. Because we are all interconnected to one another, our energy and the way we walk through life effects the collective energy. Taking responsibility for healing and opening our hearts, to work on ourselves so we can collectively help ease the suffering of this world.

If we look at the past two years we can see how much of a divide instead of uniting amongst us is created and sadly happening-all to the profit of big leaders and companies. If you think about it, There is a lot of profit in suffering and in living in the narrative created for us. Wether it is war, pharma, food etc. There is no materialistic profit if we all become one with the energy of love, if we awaken, if we love ourselves and walk through life with the best intentions to oneself and another. No one would think about taking a weapon into their hands they are given to fight a war for world leaders created. We always have the power to choose not to execute what we were told to do, especially if it is wrong and causes suffering. It is a programming that is based on materialism and self destructive low vibration disconnected from the universal energy, god, higher power whatever you personally call it. I really hope we can open our hearts and eyes,extend our hands to one another, stop harassing one another for their ethnicity, opinion, look or their government/country they live in. That we stop living so much on the outside and start worrying about things that truly matter.

We are in this together, and together we are stronger than anything or anyone trying to divide us or put us up against each other. We must remember who we are and where we are coming from- the source is love 🤍🕊

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