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Vegetables in Paper Bags

“Health is wealth“ 
Invest time and energy in your well being. Create an atmosphere of emotional safety for yourself and open your heart to manifest the life of your dreams 


1:1 Coaching Session

Unlock your hearts full potential, transform your shadows and eliminate obstacles holding you back from living the life you desire. 

Bring limiting subconscious beliefs to consciousness and rewire them. 

Transform toxic relationships and invite healthy connections that match your soul. 


Soul Journey

28 Day-Deep Shadow work Course 

Zoom and pre recorded sessions to reprogram your unhealthy beliefs and patterns. Diving deep into your soul transform shadow into light and create a vision board to manifest your goals.

Tasks and exercises like EFT as well as journaling will help you integrate and reprogram your belief system. 

As within so without

Healthy Living

1:1 Zoom Session 

Conscious inside & out

Holistic Health, Beauty & Food Coaching


Nutrition Plans, Tinctures & Remedies tailored to your needs 

all courses and sessions available in english and german

Womb Healing

1:1 energetic healing Session

Release Trauma and reconnect to the powerful creational energy of the womb. Learn how to nourish and replenish yourself and tap into your divine feminine power. 


The Power of Union&Co-Creation

1:1 coaching 

Love and relationship coaching- dive deeper into divine feminine and divine masculine connection and the power of union. 

Heart portal healing and releasing toxic relationships.

In person heart expansion retreat  2022

Powered by love and nature. 

Like minded souls, organic nourishing food, movement, dancing, music, healing circles, expert talks, wellness and lots of laughter love and joy. 

To learn more email me -limited spots available

„I show my scars so that others know they can heal“

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